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"Relying on what I've always done in the past was what allowed me to get into pro ball. The new training modalities, knowledge of workload management and learning how to optimize my mechanics were what got me to stick there"

-Cody Morris

New York Yankees RHP

"It's comprehensive. I realized that there is so much untapped potential within myself, it was just a matter of getting out of my comfort zone. Jack was a huge piece of that process in getting me healthy, refining the arsenal and getting my confidence back"

-Adam Hill

Former Seattle Mariners RHP

"Having the connection to a coach, no matter where I am, or what time of year it is, that understands how pro ball operates, that is easy to talk to, and treats me more like a friend than someone he coaches. That's just special and don't think you can find it anywhere else."

-Jordan Carr

Minnesota Twins LHP

Adan Young - Lamar CC

David Wilson - Houston Christian University

Aidan Lee-California State University-Monterey Bay

Jose Bludau-Ranger Junior College

Jake Weissenberger - University Of Missouri-St.Louis

Ty Smith - Auburn University

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